Co-Living is the new thing in Lisbon

Co-working has been the buzz word around town since we decided to settle here.

Spaces where the digital nomads get a temporary office for a couple of days/weeks – with like minded colleagues.


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Lx Fabrica 23 is one of the co-working spaces in Graca. We have booked space here ourselves – we are starting buying furniture and interior design items for Tings Lisbon and need a place where we can ‘work’ with them and keep them until we can start decorating the rooms.


You find lots of co-working spaces around town. We have several here in Graça.

But the new thing is co-living spaces. An alternative to hostels, AirBnB and similar low cost accommodation BUT with the services you get in the co-working spaces.

You even find co-living spaces in different themes.

Like the Art Residence Hangar in Graça – where artists stay and work in ateliers, gallery etc. together with other artists from around the world.

And like a lot of our guest use Tings Kathmandu in Nepal 🙂



A lot of our guests in Kathmandu use Tings for meetings, workshops, presentations or ‘just’ working. And for meeting like minded people. Tings Lisbon will have a lot of the facilities most digital nomads and/or business travelers need. The top floor will be a Hotel-Guest-Only common kitchen-meeting-working room with the most fantastic view to Tejo River.


Espressos and networking: co-living has me hooked

The Guardian LogoMy Monday morning commute in early November wouldn’t be worthy of tracking on a FitBit; it’s just two flights of stairs from my bedroom to the sun-drenched minimalistic office, where several of my co-workers have already kickstarted the day, heads down to their Macs or discussing their freelance projects, cups of espresso beside them.

So far, perhaps a typical office in 2016. Except, these aren’t just my co-workers, they’re also my housemates. Welcome to the world of co-living, spaces designed to cater to freelancers and remote workers roaming the globe seeking super-charged Wi-Fi connection in soul-stirring backdrops.

Read about Suzanne Bearne’s experiences from Lisbon in The Guardian

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