Creons is back – thank God it’s Christmas

Creons is back in Graça

20160515_131923In May 2015 Thomas took this photo of a sad ‘Creons’ on one of our daily walks in and around Graça. That was the end of a long friendship. Since then he just disappeared.

Yesterday we found 4 new walls… And now we’re going out to search for more 🙂

Creons was one of the first friends we got after we decided to move to Lisbon back in 2014.

Since I (by a coincidence) documented our first meeting on Costa do Castello in July 2014  with a spontaneous mobile shot he kept appearing in our life.

Creon TAG Graca and around - Lisbon (5a)

Except for a brief meeting in Porto we always met in our hood which we define as ’15 minutes walk from  Miradouro da Nossa Senhora do Monte‘ – aka the Graça Miradouro.

Our frequent meetings became a kind of approval of our decision of moving to Graça. Even our buying of the house in Rua da Senhora do Monte he endorsed.

On the day we were going to sign the contract we found his ‘tag’ on the sidewalk opposite the house – a tag that showed the way to where he was waiting for us: Write Bullshit here he said. Guess he referred to our signature that he feared would destroy the fantastic Graça Ambiance by adding more Air BnB’s to the neighbourhood.

How could he know that we wanted to fill the house with life by turning it into an oasis for individual travelers with a gallery, a lounge and an Alojamento Local – a hub for creatives, Bohemians and  free spirits like Tings i Kathmandu?

So his absence since May 2015 worried us.

Have we done something wrong?

From our family album: Our Graça life with Creons

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Yesterday when we rushed down the stairs from the Graça Miradouro towards Martim Monitz we almost stumbled upon each other when we turned around the first corner. Right in front of us we saw a familiar face… ‘Creon’ behind his window dressed up as Santa reading…  one more time at the bottom of the stairs disguised as a X-mas tree ready to carry home, and finally hidden in his cozy warm house.

Creons is back in our hood – here are the works we found last night

Later in the evening on our way to our dinner appointment – at the new  Via Vai Pizzaria that opened earlier this year in the Mercado do Arroios – it was almost like the old days: suddenly I saw his bar and realised that he was around. Indeed he was – when I walked a few meters back I found him sleeping… he had forgotten to turn off his bed lamp 🙂

Having ‘Creons’ back in town not only shows us that our Tings Lisbon is on right track. It also gives us the energy we need to finish everything so we can invite him and all our other friends when we open in 2017…

Follow the signs if you want to meet ‘Creons’


Creons is one of the 3 street artists whose works dominate our local art scene. We have followed him for 3 years – a great opportunity to document his works in Graça. Going through our photos of Creons’ works we realize that a lot of his works are already gone or painted over by other artists (!!!) .

But that’s the true nature of street art – Isn’t it?

December 2017

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