Super Full Moon in Lisbon on 14 December… now you’re warned!

A Super Moon happens when a Full Moon or New Moon coincides with the Moon’s closest approach to Earth; also called perigee.
A Super Full Moon looks around 12% to 14% bigger than its counterpart, the Micro Moon.

Source: Time and Data



The 14 November Super Full Moon in Lisbon setting…. as seen from Miradouro Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen (aka The Graça Miradouro)


Woke up at 2 am – I had forgotten to take out the home made Leverpostej from the freezer. The ones we are going to bring to a Danish Christmas Lunch.

Went back to bed again with the nice feeling you have when you know you can stay in bed as long as you want… its Saturday 🙂

3 am – still no sleep! So I watched a boring lecture about an Edvard Munch exhibition in Oslo 10 years ago…

4 am – still no sleep. Now I got stressed…. went to the toilet… had a glas of water and turned on the radio and listened to news from Wednesday last week….

4:30 am – I surrendered and went up, put on Neil Young’s Harvest Moon and started making bread… kneading the dough is like meditation.

Now its 6:15 am – walking around, listening to music, checking messages and updates on my social networks. In front of me I have the Tejo River… or usuallly I have the river. Its cloudy, so no moon to lighten up my view… then it struck me. The MOON!

As I ‘feared’ there is a full moon coming up – its on the 14 December. And its a Super Moon which expalined it all. I am very moon sensitive and never sleeps up to 5 days before a full moon.

So to my fellow  Lisboeta warewolves – DON’T  FIGHT IT – just enjoy 🙂



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