Apologize to Jorge for my silence! I should have blogged about the progress of Tings construction before


Friday afternoon Jorge invited me to see how far the construction of Tings is. Can’t wait to see the view from the Attic Rooms once the roof construction is up and we can climb one more floor. That will happen in January.

I have a confession to make


Every morning since the workers started demolishing our house I wake up with the honest intentions to update about the progress in the construction of our house in Rua da Senhora do Monte 37-43B in Graça. The future Tings Lisbon.

Except for the month we were in Tings Kathmandu – to celebrate Dashain and Tihar with our staff – we have visited the workers in Lisbon almost everyday. But except for a story almost 4 months ago – on the 22 August to be more specific – I haven’t posted a single story or even a single photo about the fantastic work the guys from Pereira Miguel Arquitectos/PM-ARQ and Paviana Construções have done. My bad conciense that Jorge rewoke when we met Friday. He follow our blog updates on Facebook and wondered if there was someting wrong…

There isn’t… all is fine (touch wood 😉 ).

My problem is that I am ‘Construction Blind’. Intellectually I can see things are progressing… But when I find myself at the site looking at a hole in the floor, an iron pillar in the lounge, or a hole in the wall, I don’t see the importance of the new foundation, the new sewer system we need for more than 20 toilets, new floor construction or new doors and windows or…

This Friday was a big breakthrough for me. When I came to the site Jorge asked if I wanted to climb to the top of the scaffold.

Of course I did!


The photo is shot in panorama mode and doesn’t really show how fantastoc the view is – but I guess you get an idea.

I think I have shot around 300 photos from the construction. But it was from the top I finally understood how far the construction has progressed.

After looking our from what will be the second floor I finally have an idea about how amazing the view will be from The Attic rooms.


One of our backpacker rooms will have entrance from the garden from a glass door faceng the beautiful tree. It will be small but hyggeligt – and have a price aound what two persons pay for a dorm down town.

It was also from the top – looking down –  I got an idea about the garden. How shady it will be with the trees, how cozy our 2 backpacker rooms will be and more important, how big it is.

20161209_150931 (1).jpg

Annette discuss windows with Jorge from Paviana Construções and Alexandre from Pereira Miguel Arquitectos/PM-ARQ

But reality really hit me when we were called to the small office on the site to discuss windows. Then I realized how far we are in the process and left the talk about the fireplace, toilets, tiles etc to Annette, the site manager and the architect.

Can’t wait to come back the next days… and to blog again about Annette’s interior desig, furniture and all the things we’re have started up…


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