Hunting for Creons – how to let street art guide you around.

Graca may not have the best street art in Lisbon – but we have enough to guide you around.

Sometimes love makes you blind. You just don’t see your loved one’s negative sides. It’s the same with a city you have fallen in love with.

As we are with Lisbon and everything that happens here. And the street art scene that the whole world is raving about.


In the 90s this iconic character spread on walls all over Europe. We only knew that it was by Mr. A. Wonder if Santa Clara would have commissioned Andre Savira to do the beautiful tiled wall behind the flea market if he wasn’t incognito in the beginning.

 After having cruised around our neighbourhood the last days we realise that it’s as if the scene is getting a bid tired. Lisbon has a lot of fantastic street art pieces from the best artists from all over the planet. You name them Lisbon has them.

BUT compared to the scene 10 years ago it’s becoming more and more ART and less and less STREET funded by cooperation, organisations and/or the municipality. Mr A’s fantastic wall in Santa Catarina is the latest example. 

Today street art lovers book a guided tour and/or follow digital maps on their mobile gadgets if they want to see the Lisbon street art.

The energy you get from ‘bombed’ trains & huge wall’s by incognito artist you either hear about by word of mouth or you find your self, is getting rarer and rarer. If this is true the world will never see a new Banksy, Invader or our Danish favorite Husk-Mit-Navn. 

Maybe it’s the same in other international cities. But that doesn’t make it better. Then we just have to be extra grateful to have 3 incognito street artists / street art-projects in Graça and enjoy them and their art as long as it lasts.


One of the advantages of staying in the same place for a long time – or returning to a place – is you start noticing things.

As I blogged about this Thursday one of our ‘local’ street artists Creons  – an artist we have known and followed for almost 3 years – is back. Seeing him back in Graça we realised what we have been missing. The curious energy we get by finding things ourselves

Knowing his behaviour I knew that there would be more works somewhere out there. So yesterday I decided to go for art hunting – one of my best ways to discover (or rediscover) a city.

I didn’t get disappointed.

Soon I saw the first tag I hadn’t seen before. And as happens most of the times – it only took me a few minutes to find a new piece. First an ordinary Creon… and soon after a Santa Creon making a snow man 🙂

But the big BONUS was the Blue Creons Legs piece I found 100 meter from our door, A true master piece – and HUGE.

Like so many times before I ended up seeing parts of our hood I either haven’t seen before – because I haven’t been there before or because I just didn’t notice before.

And again I ended with one more To-Do on my list. I need to find out more about this guy (or guys/girls)

Thomas/ Lisbon

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