Tings isn’t the best hotel in Lisbon. But we hope our blog is good

Why blogging when Tings Lisbon isn’t open?

Annette & Thomas in TisvildeTings Lisbon doesn’t exist.


Right now we’re renovating, conserving & reconstructing our beautiful house in Rua da Senhora do Monte in Graca which we took over 1 August 2015.

But to us Tings do EXIST – in Kathmandu, in our heads, in our hearts and until May 2017 on this blog 😉

It may seem strange to start communicating about a place that isn’t open.

When we arrived in Kathmandu 2009 with 4 bags, 4 computers, 2 mobiles and absolutely NO experience in running a hotel, lounge or gallery BUT with a lot of energy & curiosity the first thing we did, was to tell the world about our ideas and visions.

We didn’t know then, that it would take 18 months before we could open the doors for our first guests in Kathmandu.

When Tings Kathmandu were ready to open, we did like most other Hotels and Guest Houses do: Made a website. But when the new web design was shared to all the followers of our Tings Kathmandu blog Hell broke loose.

What was wrong with the blog? Why make a website? Don’t do this – we get so much information from the blog.

These and similar messages spammed our mails and in boxes and made us put the website on hold, and rethink. Very soon we reached the conclusion that we ourselves preferred the blog. In the 18 months we not only got a lot of online friends – most of whom we’ve met afterwards. But we also got a lot of very useful input and ideas during the process – and most important valuable inspiration.

So we dropped the website and continued blogging with our fellow travelers.

We blog about Tings Lisbon to inspire and to get new friends.

So if you are curious about knowing how it is starting up a business in a new country, you might find some of our blog posts interesting. Or if you have Lisbon on you bucket list, but still haven’t bought your ticket, we hope that you will find a story, a link and or recommendation that will get you going – to Lisbon or to any other place on this planet.

We blog about Lisbon and Portugal – but also about traveling life in general. We know a lot about traveling – traveling is living.

Until we open, do not hesitate to mail or call us – we love meeting fellow travelers.


Annette & Thomas

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