Beauty on the sidewalk: New photos highlight Lisbon storefronts

There are 5 things most of our friends always mention after walking the streets of Lisbon: The kiosks, all the Old Shops (that were outdated in most other European countries decades ago), all the beautifully tiled facades, the calcadas (the brick mosaic roads you find all over Lisbon) and all the beautiful store fronts scattered around town.

After having visited Lisbon for almost 25 years and after living here for almost 3 years we still pick up our phones at take pictures when we see facades, kiosks shops etc we haven’t seen before.

So when reading the feature about Sebastian Erras’ photos of Lisbon’s Store Fronts in Curbed (and the original one in Designboom) we recognized the jewelry shop, the pastelaria, the coffee-house, the barber shop AND also the porn shop which for some strange reason is the only ‘business’ neither Curbed nor Designboom mention. That front is our favorite facade – the most authentic facade of them all. Because of the patina that covers it, because of its location hidden away in a darkish ally behind Up Town Rossio. And also because the political incorrectness by promoting Peep Shows – we haven’t seen that since the 70’ties in Copenhagen.



Helena Almeida is the fourth generation owning ‘our’ pharmacy on Largo de Graca – the most beautiful in Lisbon and worth a visit when you climb the hill to the Graca Miradouro (or take Tram #28)


Beauty on the sidewalk: New photos highlight Lisbon storefronts

curbed-logoPortugal’s capital never looked so good

The storefronts of Lisbon, capital of Portugal, got the lensmith treatment thanks to photographer Sebastian Erras, who set out to document the city’s gorgeous, heavily ornamented facades.

Produced in collaboration with Pixartprinting, the series, wincingly titled “Lisbon Re-Tale,” zooms in on 30 places of business, owned by of barbers, jewelers, tailors, restaurant operators, and more, showcasing each in the doorways of their varied establishments.

Read Asad Syrkett’s story on 15 December in Curbed

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