Moving to Lisbon? Need a cheap & funky place to stay?

We have a lot of friends in Lisbon these days from all over the world. All of them are attracted to the climate and the cost of living and are curious about life here in Lisbon.

Others want to combine comfortable living with the low tax for non habitual residents.

All of them are looking for permanent places to stay – most take their time finding the right neighborhood, the right type of housing etc. – a process that takes time, but is quite enjoyable, if you have the time.

Those who are looking for a place for tax reasons often need to find something ASAP which can be expensive.

But there are ways to get a permanent residence in a cheap way.

Like getting a garage and turn it into a super funky functional micro-home with room for your car as well.

Thomas & Annette




DesignboomLogo From a windowless garage to a functional micro-home, Fala Atelier has converted this modestly sized hangar in Lisbon into a cosy and characterful house.

Working within a very tight budget, the studio’s proposed intervention intended the clearest possible reading of the existing structure, emphasising its strength and natural personality.

Check out the story on designboom and see the slideshow of cool home on Fala Atelier

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