10 New reasons to visit Lisbon in 2017

Lisbon keeps improving its offers to tourist and travellers

What’s fantastic about Lisbon is the way the city keeps adding new sights and experiences to it’s already large and range of attractive tourist sites

As if Lisbon did not already have enough sights and experiences to attract travelers from all over this planet GoLisbon has published 10 New reasons to visit our fantastic city. Each of them of a quality other tourist destinations would dream of having.



Estação Ferroviária do Sul e Sueste from 1931 will re-open in 2017 with river front restaurants & shops. Only 15 minutes walk from Graca.



It’s said to be one of the biggest renovations of a historical building in the last few years.

It’s the Graça Convent, next to a landmark church opening to one of the city’s favorite viewpoints, that was never open to the public throughout the centuries. It will be free and open for visits in the spring. In addition to the baroque architecture in several tiled rooms, you’ll be able to enjoy an interior garden.

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Whats interesting to us is that most of the ‘new’ attractions are in our hood or less than 15 minutes walk from our door.

The biggest attraction of them all will be the renovation of Graca Miradouro and the opening of the convent next to it.

With its proximity to down town, Castello, Alfarma and all the new attractions Graca will be the new place to stay.

But we know that already.



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