What do you do when you wake up on January 1st 2017?

1st of January is the strangest day of the year

20161226_122546-animationYou wake up late after a – hopefully – fantastic evening/night with good friends & happy people everywhere and lots of positive energy and high expectations for the new year.

The problem is you really don’t feel any changes. Except for a slight hang over, the first morning of the first day of the new year feels exactly like all the previous mornings.

So what do you do as a tourist in a City where everything is closed?

Lisbon Guru has listed a few suggestions of New Year Day activities – before and after dark.

We will follow the local tradition and go for a swim. Just after Christmas Thomas checked out the water at Caxais Beach only 15 minutes by train from Cais do Sodres.

The water is fantastic.

Annette & Thomas


What to Do on New Year’s Day in Lisbon

lisbonguru_400x400With few exceptions, Lisbon’s museums and monuments are closed on 1 January.

Department stores and shopping centres (except cinemas) are closed as well. So, here’s a few ideas of things to do if you spend New Year’s Day in Lisbon.

Read Lisbon Guru’s suggestions on how to make the best out of your New Year’s Day in Lisbon here


With an average temperature above 16 C you can’t say the water is cold. (Source: www.seatemperature.org)


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