How to deal with the cold weather right now: Buy a pair of Gloves!

Why not use the cold weather as an excuse to visit one of Lisbon’s many historical vintage shops?

You can easily find colder places in Europe right now. And compared to our native country Denmark, the weather right now is fantastic!

Still – we feel it’s freezing even with the 12 Celsius we have in Graça today.

We deal with the cold by wearing super cashmere from our Tings Ting collection – we are so privileged that we make our own cashmere sweaters and scarves. And then we stay indoor with our heaters on 🙂

Tourists can’t – or wouldn’t – do that, so why not combine pleasures with practicalities. Like shopping a pair of warm gloves in one of the most fantastic Glove Shops in Europe: Luvaria Ulisses.



One of the things we personally love about Lisbon is all the old traditional (and historical) speciality stores you still find here. One of them is the glove shop Luvaria Ulisses. NOTE: On days like today the shop may be busy. 3 days ago when we went by to buy gloves for our friends, there was a huge crowd of tourists waiting to get in. But is worth waiting 🙂


logotipo_luvaria.jpgLuvaria Ulisses is a glove shop founded in 1925 by Joaquim Rodrigues Simões, an entrepreneur with a profound understanding of the habits of the people of Lisbon.

As a Lisbon city council executive between 1919 and 1923, he requested authorization from the Government to construct shops in the neglected area of the Carmo Wall. He kept the space corresponding to no. 87-A in Rua do Carmo, to himself as he immediately envisioned an establishment there that, notwithstanding its small dimensions, would nonetheless constitute a reference for this city, as did ULISSES mythology.

From Luvaria Ulisses website

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