Yahoo News high lights the Portuguese real estate market

Yesterday Yahoo featured the best real estate markets in 2017 for Americans.

Portugal has 2 among their pics: Algarve and Lisbon.

We are not specialists – and if it wasn’t because of the house we and our investors just bought in Graca (for Tings Lisbon) I don’t think we would never have been interested in the subject. So that’s why we know that developers and others with interests in the real estate market are looking into other parts of Portugal. When it comes to profit reasons only actually several of them recommends Porto to Lisbon.

Are you considering investing in real estate in Portugal read The Sunday Times’ Forget about Lisbon. It’s chic to buy in Porto we blogged about on 28 November 2016.




According to real estate agents it’s the lesser know parts of Down Town Lisbon that have the investors interest. Like here in Graca where our house is growing by the hour 🙂


6 Places to Buy Property Overseas in 2017

yahoo-news-logoIf you’re considering combining the adventure of living or retiring overseas with a property purchase, 2017 is the year to act.

The U.S. dollar is at record highs against several currencies of note, including the euro, the Mexican peso, the Colombian peso, the Dominican peso and the Brazilian real.

If owning a place of your own overseas is part of your retirement agenda, here are some top markets to consider:

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