World Traveler recommends vegan restaurants in Lisbon

We are neither vegetarians nor vegans.


Our vegetarian Greek Wrap

When we are alone and cook for ourselves most of the food we make is based on vegetables. Not because it is something we decide deliberately. It just happens that way.

Same with our menu at Tings Kathmandu – without really thinking about it our menu just became more and more vegetarian/vegan. And NO – it’s not because the hotel is in Nepal where most restaurants are vegetarian – we never make local food – only international items like Italian pizzas & pastas, Vietnamese Summer Rolls, Japanese Maki Rolls, Spanish Gazpacho, French Onion Soup and lots of different salads and omelets.

If your curious to know about what kind of food we will serve at Tings Lisbon, have a look at the menu we served for the >200 VIP guests at the Danish Embassy in Kathmandu when the Danish Crown Prince visited Nepal in 2015.

Pasta salad (Veg)
Banko salad (Vegetarian)
Bulgarian Type of Salad named after a Braumeister from Carlsberg
Chick Pea Salad (Vegan)
Mini Calzone (Vegetarian)
Vietnamese Summer Rolls (Vegetarian)
Maki rolls (Vegan/Vegetarian)
Chicken satay
Tings Green humus w. toast (Vegetarian)
Confit de chicken
(sorry  – you don’t get Canard in Nepal and we don’t trust frozen ducks)
Rillette de wild boar
(our own variation of another French Classic)
BBQ (vegan stick)
Home made Bread
(All baked today and plenty – as always)
Coco Macarones

Most of these items will be included in Lisbon together with the new dishes we can make from the fantastic ingredients we get access to here in Graça and a few new Kathmandu + Lisbon ideas we get inspired to through in our new life. Like our new Tings falafel – chick peas is one of the ingredients Nepal and Portugal have in common 🙂


Bagle Sandwich w. Egg Salad.jpg

How come nobody makes their own bagels? This is one of the 3 we have as Today’s-Special at Tings Kathmandu – with egg salad. Home-made of course

Going out for vegetarian food is a bit more difficult

When we first came to Lisbon more than 20 years ago it was really difficult to find vegetarian restaurants – and forget about vegan restaurants.

Today its a little easier. BUT don’t expect good veggie restaurants just around the corner. And don’t expect real veggie food in the traditional Portuguese restaurants. Most places can make you a salad (Tomato+lettuce+onion+carrot) and if you eat eggs – the do pretty good omelets.

That’s about it.

The vegetarian restaurants you either have to know or you have to google them. Like we did a few days ago where we found Gabriela’s Here & There blog with the Blog Post: The Best Vegan Restaurants in Lisbon.

We don’t know any of the restaurants on Gabriela’s list. But coming from a world traveler we dare sharing them even though we haven’t tried them out ourselves (we rarely write about places we haven’t tried)


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Check out Gabriela’s 5 best vegetarian restaurants in Lisbon on her Here And There BlogBe careful not to read too much about her travels. It’s very addictive!

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