Lisbon with best hotel, wifi cars, Michelin stars, roof tops & cocktails.

No matter what magazine, newspaper, blog or website that writes about Lisbon – all of them have the same hotels, restaurants, viewpoints etc on their Best of or What to Do lists.

Wouldn’t it be strange if a travel guide to Cairo didn’t mention the Pyramids? It would and thats why they all do.

That’s exactly the same with Lisbon. 9 out 10 What To Do in Lisbon stories you read in the newspapers & magazines list the Usual Suspects – just check our your preferred guide books then you will know what they are 🙂

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. After all the things listed are the ones that makes Lisbon so fantastic.

Sometimes you’re lucky to find a media that takes a different approach. Like Nelson Caveleiros 10 best secretes, The Guardian’s list from last year based on its readers picks or some of the other stories on this blog under our Best Of Lisbon tag.

In very rare occasion we stumble upon a story that doesn’t mention ‎Jeronimos Monastery, St. George’s Castle , São Roque Church, Belem Tower or any other of Lisbon’s AT ALL.

Like the Lisbon Feature The Denver Post published yesterday. Chadner Navarro doesn’t mention a single tourist sight in Lisbon. Its Money First… best hotels, most Michelin stars, Mercedes with WiFi, secret wines, The Ritz, Designer Souvenirs etc.

We doubt this is intentional. But it’s really fun to read an article with a how-to-spend-a-lot-of-money approach.

Definitely worth reading.


Tings Lisbon is not a boutique hotel - just a nice place to stay. And the best in Graca

Underdogs Gallery does a fantastic street art tour of Lisbon. But its not necessary to join guided tours to experience the local Street Art Scene – we mapped the tour here. Sometimes we enjoy finding our own artists and go street art hunting 🙂 Creons is one of our favorite artist we have followed all over Lisbon.

How to spend a weekend in Lisbon, Europe’s hottest capital.

DenverPost.pngLISBON, PORTUGAL — If everyone you know is thinking about going to Lisbon, there’s plenty of reason for that. Its meteoric rise as a culture capital is just one part of the appeal. The city is also undergoing a luxury hotel boom, and the food scene is hot, hot, hot.

But all that is amplified by Lisbon’s ease of access: It’s the closest European hub for Americans and offers a worlds-away feeling for travelers coming from within the Continent as well.

Whether you’re coming for a long layover or a long weekend, here’s what to squeeze into a three-day trip.

Read Chadner Navarro’s in yesterday’s The Denver Post here.



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