Lisbon has the Best Record shops in Europe. And one of them is just 5 min. from our hotel :-)

One of my bonuses running a hotel are all the record shops where Lisbon has the best in Europe 🙂

A few years ago you would call people like me a nerd.

Today things have changed. The trends we have seen from the consumer market where crafted beers, chocolate, coffee, olive oils, herbs and spices etc. slowly but surely are taking over the mass-produced industrialized goods have spread to other industries.

Music is one of them.

As the music has become easier and more accessible on online services like Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud etc. a growing number of music lovers returns to the old formats. Today you don’t have to be a nerd to shop vinyl.


Carbono is one of my favorite record shops. Its only 15 minutes walk from Tings Lisbon

For a music lover like me living in Lisbon is absolutely paradise.

Just around the corner from Tings Lisbon I have Crew Hasan where you can get a cup of coffee while you browse through all the boxes with the most fantastic albums.

On a restless rainy day one of the best ways to kill time is spending a few hours surrounded by all kinds of music formats in Carbonbo’s vaults.

Even though I have visited the shop countless times I still love looking at their collection of funny copies and interpretations of all my favorite artists’s albums that cover the shops walls (sorry about the quality of the header photo).

Yesterday That Special Record published their list of the 94 best record shops in Europe. Portugal has 15 of them – and 13 of them are in Lisbon.

So to all music lovers out there. How can you NOT visit Lisbon



That Special Record.pngWhether you’re a seasoned crate digger or making your first entry into the world of record collecting, this is the comprehensive low-down on the most influential, friendly and absolute must visit record shops in Europe; from the old favourites in Berlin to the new ventures in Copenhagen.

Many of the record stores listed below are record stores specialized in electronic music, but a few extra tips were included for all those crate diggers that want to go beyond the usual suspects.

And rather than rank them, these are simply record shops every record collector should visit.

Record lovers check out That Special Record’s website here.



To all of you who want to plan your music visit in Lisbon


When you climb the hill from Rossio to Bairro Alto you find this Hidden Gem named after one of Thomas favorite tracs by The Who

Here are the 13 record shops in Lisbon from TRS’s list.

Go to their blog post to see the profile for each of the shops.

As a special service from one music lover to the other we have made the above Google Map of the best Record Shops in Lisbon so its easier to plan and navigate from your digital gadget.

  1. Flur
  2. Carpet & Snares
  3. Carbono
  4. Groovie Records
  5. Discolecção
  6. Crew Hassan
  7. Glam-O-Rama
  8. Louie Louie
  9. Magic Bus
  10. Mau Genio
  11. Sound Club Store
  12. Twice.Discos
  13. Vinil Experience


The list is NOT perfect

BEAT.jpgI know lists are difficult to make. But still I don’t understand why the best record shop in my our home city Copenhagen is not there.

BEAT that is run by our friend Peter Sørensen may be the best music shop in Copenhagen right now.


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