Weather, beaches, hotels, web etc make Lisbon the world’s best city for freelancers.

Lisbon is the Best freelancing city. Our hotel will try to live up to that

We love freelancers – or digital nomads that many of them call’s themselves. Not because they live in a hotel – they don’t. They usually live under relatively modest conditions in cheap rented rooms of which most are too small to use as home office.

That’s why freelancers go out –  like in Kathmandu where a lot of freelancer use the lounge in our hotel as their working space. And we love that – places with people gives a better a more cozy ambiance than empty one and/or a deserted hotel lobby.


hoofdkraanDutch freelance platform Hoofdkraan just did a new study where Lisbon tops the list of the best city in the world to be a freelancer in.

Since we are opening a hotel in the part of Lisbon where a lot of Freelancers live – these news a very good 🙂


Lisbon is the best city for freelancers. Both our hotel lounge will be ready with wifi, places to relax, healthy food & electricity for your gadgets

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