The best hotel guests in Lisbon got a manager :-)

Less that 2 weeks ago we started our search for a manager to the best hotel guests in the world

The search has finished: Our guests just got the best hotel manager in town, in our opinion 🙂

A few days ago we got her on board after 10 hectic days meeting, chatting, calling, skyping and mailing with the more than 100 applicants we received in a week. After all we’re only opening a small hotel in Lisbon?

It has been an overwhelming experience. Not only because of all the candidates who have shown interest in our project. All the super CVs we have received have been very encouraging – and very frustrating at the same time. We only need one manager!!! Still it wasn’t difficult for us to make a decision.

After our 8th and final interview we both knew whom we wanted: Vanda is not only qualified – in many areas better than us – she has the attitude and energy we want and need. Our philosophy is always to work with people who are smarter and better than us.

That’s exactly what we have got – so now we have 3 bosses: Dorje in Kathmandu, Vanda in Lisbon and Ally.


On 10 March our art & culture company Tings Art opens its 17th Art exhibition at Tings Kathmandu. This time with one of the most talented local artists right now Aditya Aryal whom we have advised & promoted since 2012 and the artist behind this portrait. Ally is looking after the painting.


Why we want Portuguese staff at our Lisbon Hotel.

We searched for a local manager. Still 80%  of the applicants were foreigners living in Portugal.

When we replied with our refusal  we explained that the whole idea behind Tings is to give the travelers who stay with us a chance to get in touch with the local culture – and since both Annette and myself are foreigners, local employees are crucial. And especially the manager. Then everybody understood.

….and to be honest I wouldn’t have appreciated what you’re doing with setting up a place in Kathmandu if you didn’t employ the locals.

Actually when I first found Tings before travelling to Nepal the only doubt before booking was that it is run by foreigners and usually I’d rather like to support locals business.

But the local staff you employ made me like the concept.

… a quote from one of our guests at Tings Kathmandu who read our blog post about our manager. She send us a long mail about her stay with us back 2012 which confirmed our attitude in this matter.


Now the fun begins

Thomas 🙂


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