Porto now tops the “Best Of Lists”. Only 3 hrs from our hotel in Lisbon.


An out of season shot from one of the most touristic parts of Porto.

In the 90’s we dreamed of a flat in Porto. Now we open a hotel in the best part of Lisbon 🙂

In the mid 90’s we were madly in love with Porto and seriously thought about buying an apartment there. I don’t remember what happened along the way. But we changed plans and are now opening a hotel in Lisbon.

We still love Porto and go there a lot. We’re making furniture  and bed linen, towels etc for the hotel in and around Guimarães only 25 km from Porto and use the city as our base.

Porto is still amazing and in many ways beats Lisbon when it comes to designer shops, street art, lots of fancy cafes serving alternative food and similar cutting edge things. So it wasn’t a surprise when I read this question in The Huffington Post:

Wondering why Porto just won the award for European Best Destination 2017? 

And when I saw Sandra Henriques’ 10 picks I couldn’t help looking forward to our visit next weekend. We still have so many things to see & do there like having a Francisinha – a dish I find disgusting just to look at but of course have to try it. If not for others then for professional reasons.



The train station with its stunning tiles.


huffington-post-logoHere are 10 reasons to give you a head start.

  1. A decadent sandwich called Francesinha
  2. A sweet dessert- like wine called Port
  3. The bookstore Livlaria Lello that Inspired JK Rowling
  4. The contemporary Casa da Música
  5. The majestic use of Azulejo in the most unusual places
  6. The Fantasporto festival that taps into the darkest corners of your imagination
  7. The NOS Primavera Sound music festival you can’t miss in the spring
  8. The golden sunsets at Ribeira
  9. The no BS personality of the city’s Historic Center
  10. The Wonderful People of Porto

Read Sandra Henriques picks in The Huffington Post.


As if topping one list isn’t enough Porto is also one of Christie’s 10 real estate picks for 2017.

Christie’s list has a different purpose than Huffington Post’s. Their picks are aimed at real estate investors. Still Porto is highlighted for the city’s culture – exactly the things we have noticed lately.

Still its funny for us to see the increasing interest Porto gets at the same time as we’re returning to the city again after several years absence. And Porto is in good company 🙂


christries-logoForget what you think you know about the best cities in the world – here are 10 that you’ll want to keep your eyes on.

These ten cities are set for great things over the coming years, and each has something unique to offer.

Bogotá is an upcoming international tech hub, while Panama City is a playground for the rich and famous.

Vienna and Porto are cultural hotspots, and Cincinnati is a sensational place to bring up a family.

Vienna/Austria, Panama City/Panama, Auckland/New Zealand/Lisbon, Portugal, Cincinnati, Ohio/USA, Honolulu, Hawaii/USA,  Calgary/Canada, Bogotá/Colombia & Porto/Portugal

Read on for more on these on-the-up locations, and a glimpse of some hot properties on the market on Christie’s Luxury ReDefinedluxury-defined-2x-christies



Hazul is one of our Local Graca Street Artists – he comes from Porto 🙂


So have we chosen the wrong city?

Not at all.

Lisbon has a much more international feel – its bigger and doesn’t feel as touristic as the much smaller Porto that to us sometimes feels like a Post Card… too picturesque 

Furthermore. The weather is much better here in Lisbon – and we have beaches every where. That means a lot to us.

So we look at the new and well deserved Porto Hype as an extra advantage for us living here and one more reason for travelers to visit Lisbon: It only takes us 3 hr by car or train. 

Arent we privileged living here 🙂


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