Portugal is slowly picking up as a wine country. The best ones in our Hotel Lounge will surprise you :-)

Portuguese wines underrated. But in the best hotels and restaurants in Lisbon you will be surprised by the value you get

Portugal is highly underrated as a wine country. You can get excellent wines here. We are especially impressed by the espumantes that easily competes with the Spanish Cavas and the Vinho Verdes. Here are excellent reds as well, but this year whites are on the rise.

We have done a lot of research to find the best value for money to serve in our Hotel Lounge. But after seeing the list of the best wines in 2016 we better start all over again. 🙂




It’s a tough job but somebody gotta do it serious research at Raposeira in Lamego where we found our house bubbles


Excellence Awards: The great wines of 2016

revista-de-vinhos-logoPortugal continues to produce extraordinary wines in many districts and in all styles.

But this year, 2016, is marked by the rise of the whites. Among the 30 best wines, 8 of them are white: Two vinho verde Alvarinho and six from five different regions of the country (Douro, Dão, Bairrada, Lisbon and Alentejo), when last year there were only three whites, including two vinho verde Alvarinho.

The rise of the white wines reduces the number of reds on the top 30 list from 20 in 2015 to 15 in 2016.

The list is complete with 3 Porto, 2 Moscatel de Setúbal, 1 Madeira and 1 sparkling wine.

Nine regions are represented on this podium of excellence.

From Revista de Vinos


The magnificent top 10 wines of 2016:

  • Kompassus Blanc de Noirs
    Bairrada Espumante branco 2013
  • Anselmo Mendes Parcela Única
    Vinho Verde Monção e Melgaço Alvarinho branco 2014
    Anselmo Mendes Vinhos
  • Quinta de Soalheiro
    Vinho Verde Monção e Melgaço Alvarinho Reserva branco 2015
  • Barca Velha
    Douro tinto 2008
    Sogrape Vinhos
  • Chryseia
    Douro tinto 2014
    Prats & Symington
  • Conceito Único
    Douro branco 2015
    Conceito Vinhos
  • Quinta da Gaivosa
    Douro tinto 2011
    Alves de Sousa
  • Quinta da Manoella Vinhas Velhas
    Douro tinto 2014
    Wine & Soul
  • Quinta de S. José
    Douro Reserva tinto 2014
    João Brito e Cunha
  • Quinta do Crasto Vinha da Ponte
    Douro tinto 2014
    Quinta do Crasto
  • Quinta do Vallado
    Douro Touriga Nacional tinto 2013
    Quinta do Vallado
  • Vale do Inferno Quinta de La Rosa
    Douro Reserva tinto 2011
    Quinta da Rosa Vinhos
  • Fonte do Ouro
    Dão Nobre branco 2015
    Sociedade Agrícola Boas Quintas
  • Villa Oliveira
    Dão Touriga Nacional tinto 2011
    Casa da Passarella
  • Luís Pato Vinha Formal
    Bairrada Cercial branco 2014
    Luís Pato
  • Quinta das Bágeiras Pai Abel
    Bairrada branco 2014
    Mário Sérgio Alves Nuno
  • Adega Mãe Terroir
    Reg. Lisboa branco 2013
  • Cortes de Cima
    Reg. Alentejano Reserva tinto 2012
    Cortes de Cima
  • Dolium
    Alentejo Reserva tinto 2014
    Paulo Laureano Vinhos
  • Dona Maria
    Reg. Alentejano Grande Reserva tinto 2011
    Júlio Bastos
  • Estremus
    Reg. Alentejano tinto 2012
    J. Portugal Ramos Vinhos
  • Furtiva Lágrima
    Reg. Alentejano tinto 2013
    Monte da Raposinha
  • Herdade dos Grous
    Reg. Alentejano Reserva tinto 2013
    Herdade dos Grous
  • Terrenus Vinha da Serra
    Alentejo Portalegre branco 2014
    Rui Reguinga
  • Burmester
    Porto Tawny 20 Anos
    Sogevinus Fine Wines
  • Ramos Pinto Quinta do Bom Retiro
    Porto Tawny 20 Anos
    Adriano Ramos Pinto
  • Vista Alegre
    Porto Tawny 20 Anos
  • Blandy’s
    Madeira Bual 30 anos
    Madeira Wine Company
  • Bacalhôa
    Moscatel de Setúbal Superior 30 Anos 1985
    Bacalhôa Vinhos de Portugal
  • José Maria da Fonseca
    Setúbal Moscatel Roxo 20 Anos
    José Maria da Fonseca Vinhos

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