New Art Festival in Lisbon: Biennial Of Contemporary Art aka BOCA

17 March this year BoCA sees the light of day.


I don’t know if it’s because we have lived in remote parts of Asia for so many years: But to us it’s seems as if Lisbon is one huge cornucopia generously floating over with art and culture in all colors, shapes, fragrances, sizes dimensions and all around us.

We absolutely LOVE IT and feel very privileged to start-up a hotel in a place as vibrant as Lisbon. Remember – it’s not only the art scene that kicks ***: Web, communication, food and start-up is just as dynamic and exciting!


On 17 March a new Art Biennale sees the day of Light.


We can’t wait to see Rodrigo García’s Pinball Bosch at  MNNA close to the work that inspired the artist: Hieronumus Bosch’s The Temptation of St. Anthony

BoCA  – or Biennale of Contemporary Art – is a collaborative concept involving more than 45 Portuguese and international artists from more than 30 institutions.

The program that will be published on 3 March will include 40 multi lingual performances and art projects, combining all disciplines imaginable such as dance, performance, music, cinema, visual arts and technology from 35 different venues such as such as theaters, cinemas, galleries, museums, nightclubs and public places.

We will of course follow the project and blog about the events and performances we find interesting and want to check out ourselves.

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