Our Hotel in Lisbon is the best Location for the live we live.

The best thing about the hotel is the distance to Lisbon Airport.

From our hotel door we can reach the gate to the whole world: Lisbon Airport only 6 km away in 15 minutes (8 -10 €). This airport is slowly becoming one of the best in the world with more and more direct flights to all major destinations.


We love Morocco. So imagine the feeling it is living in a city where we wake up in the morning, jump in the car and have dinner in North Africa in the evening after a beautiful drive through Southern Europe?  


Lisbon is the best city to live for people who loves to use the hotel or home as base for shorter travels.

If you have seen the all the fantastic places in Portugal then check out the interesting destination you can reach by car from our door:

  • 631 km to Madrid, Spain
  • 651 km to Granada, Spain
  • 516 km to Cadiz, Spain
  • 394 km to Seville, Spain
  • 589 km to Gibraltar, UK
  • 643 km to Madrid, Spain
  • 680 km to Tangier, Morrocco

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