The best hotel guests in Lisbon need a chef!

Do you want to work with the best colleagues in our hotel & lounge in Graça, Lisbon?

We are looking for an English-speaking Lisboeta who not only loves food but also knows how to cook for the travelers from all over the world, who will visit us in our small, relaxed and non-pretentious Tea Lounge in Tings Lisbon – our hotel that will open next to the best View Point in town: Miradouro da Senhora do Monte.

Portugal is killing us with all its rules and regulations related to running a kitchen. So besides your love for food, it’s important that you know about all the dos & don’ts in Portuguese kitchen regulations.

Running a Non Nepalese kitchen in the Himalayas is a challenge – there are so many things we love, but can’t serve because we can’t get the ingredients.

So we’re looking forward to play with all the new possibilities we have here in Portugal and create new dishes 😉


Today's special Tings Burger.jpg

It took us more than 2 years to create  a classic burger, we liked ourselves: Except from Heinz Ketchup everything is home-made. The challenges were The Bun (it’s the most difficult part of a burger) and the meat – Living in a Hindu Country where Beef is illegal, finding a tenderloin or sirloin from a water buffalo was a challenge. Tings Burger is To-Day’s-Special on Saturdays in Kathmandu, Nepal.


About our food

We wont serve Portuguese food. And our food is not limited to a specific country, region and/or category.

Our food is world food with dishes inspired by our travels around the world and all made from ingredients available locally and following the seasons – directed by Thomas, supervised by Annette & our new Manager Vanda, criticized by our friends & guests and re-worked and developed by the team in the kitchen.

We will not have set menus, but as our dishes are served with green salad and home-baked bread they will satisfy most people’s hunger. If you want an idea about our food check out our menu in Kathmandu. Add to this menu a number of To-Day’s-Specials like Bagels sandwiches, Tings Classic Burger, Lebanese Wraps etc. – items we create along the way.

Falafel - work in progress.jpg

Thomas & Sanjeet creating our successful falafel dish with 3 variations of the Middle Eastern Classic: Falafel w. Sun dried Tomatoes, falafel w. Black Olives and falafel w. Pesto. The Chili Sauce is created by Sanjeet – and it’s fantastic.


About us

ally-our-catWe are travelers with more than a life time on the road.

After having lived in Kathmandu and Yangon we decided to move to Lisbon – a city we have loved since our first visit in 1996.

Art, culture, healthy & tasteful food, music, literature star-ups and digital media means a lot to us, and are important parts of Tings – so please come and challenge and inspire us 😉


If you like what you’ve just read – contact us!

Send a few words about your self with your CV to Thomas on before 19 March.

We are looking forward to play food with you when you start on 1 May 🙂

Annette, Vanda & Thomas