Get The Best Cereal in the world in Lisbon, 15 min walk from our hotel?

What do you eat in Lisbon? Where are the best restaurants? And are there any around your hotel?

We get that question several times every week from family, friends, friends of friends and from all the guests that have stayed with us in Kathmandu who are planning their travel to Lisbon now that we’re getting closer to kick off (end of May). We always redirect them to our selection of the stories & features that find the way to this blog (usually with our personal comments) published by media all over the world.


Pop Cereal Cafe in the Bairro Alto (1)

Ceral Man by Marvel?

But what do you recommend, what are the best places in Lisbon? – friends ask us. You are always so critical.

We are. But we have a principle – we never recommend restaurants.

Mainly because we’re neither chefs nor knowledgeable journalists and don’t have the professional knowledge and experience that makes us capable of recommending places in an objective way – we have read too many too stupid reviews from people without a clue of whats going on in a kitchen to join that club.

And one more thing. Like all other human beings kitchens have good and bad days. So we also feel that we need to visit a place several times to be able give a place a fair review. And we don’t have time (and money) to do that

But we don’t mind sharing the ones we visit frequently (most of them are of course close to our hotel). And we are not to shy to express our opinion about the Portuguese Kitchen in general terms. We do that a lot.

This is the 48th food related story we post on this blog 🙂 The reason behind this story is because of The Boston Globes very humorous (intentionally?) feature about the Lisbon Food Scene where they manage to include Lisbon’s most talked of food venue: The Time Out Market with maybe the most kitsch eatery in the World: The Pop Cereal Cafe in the Bairro Alto that have specialized in CEREALS!!!!

We haven’t eaten at The Pop Cereal Cafe – and have no plans to do so. We hate cereals but LOVE the place. So every time we pass by we stop up and have a look. We still don’t know if this is serious or someones comment to the Lisbon Food Hype?


The Pop Cereal Cafe in Bairro Alto you can enjoy more than 100 different cereals in a bunk bed 🙂



What to eat in Lisbon

From a pop cereal cafe to avant garde sushi, Portugal’s food scene is fresh.

Boston Globe - LOGOTime Out Market, a hulking food hall near the waterfront that London-based travel guide Time Out opened in 2014, curates the best (or trendiest) of Lisbon’s restaurants. Big lunch crowds come for upscale meals at relatively reasonable prices.

You can get avant-garde sushi from Sea Me or burgers made of bacalhau (Portugal’s favorite preserved fish) at O Prego da Peixaria.

What is difficult to get at the food court, however, is a seat, so be prepared to hover until other diners surrender theirs.

Yesterday The Boston Globe took the temperature on the Lisbon Foot scene. Read it here.


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