Best of Skating in Lisbon with lots of venues near our hotel

João Allen introduces you to Lisbon’s best skateboard venues including a few near our hotel


We get hundreds of news updates about Lisbon everyday. The best and most relevant stories we share with friends, guests and followers here on Tings Lisbon’s blog. Mostly stories about things that interest us personally or things that are relevant to our hotel or Graça.

Like this one from Hellaclips who just published Skateboarder João Allen’s skater guide to Lisbon



Skateboarder João Allen Lets Loose in the Streets of Lisbon

Hellaclips logo.jpgSkating the rugged concrete, stone, dirt surfaces of the Portuguese capital takes heart. To do it with style, takes greatness.

João Allen knows a thing or two about Lisbon street spots, so we pointed our lenses and let his skating do the talking. Needless to say, the dude has mad style and knows how to rip the city.



Red-Bull-TV-logo.pngTo be recognised as a top boy in the Lisbon skate scene is no small thing. The city has produced names like Ricardo Fonseca and Helder Lima, skaters who have left permanent, indelible marks on the city’s varied and unforgiving terrain.

A couple of years ago, driving around the city with Nuno Francisco before Red Bull Skate Arcade, one name kept coming up over and over as we checked out spots and the who-did-what’s: João Allen.

Through connections and time, we’re beyond excited to be able to bring you his brand new video part, exclusive to our channel. If his name is new to you, meet the man carrying on the creative flame in Portugal’s new skate generation.

Read the Interview with João Allen here


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