Art 20 min from Tings Lisbon our hotel in the best part of Lx

One more art update to our hotel guests, friends and followers. This one is about Lisbon week #4 that opens on the 25th

One of the things we really love and enjoy about living in Lisbon are all the art and culture events that happens every where all year around.

The though thing about it all is to stay updated – especially when you have an ambition of informing hotel guests, friends and followers on the way to town about what’s happening before they arrive so they can plan their stay, book tickets etc.


On 25th the 4th and best edition of Lisbon Week kicks off in Lumiar 30 min by car from our hotel



Lisbon WeekThe proposal for the 4th edition centres around living and rediscovering Lumiar ‐ the oldest council of the city which celebrates its 750th anniversary in 2017. It also happens to be the area of the city with the highest number of inhabitants. The historical and patrimonial relevance of this location will be a prominent feature of the programming along with the importance of the experiences felt by locals daily.

The objective is to decentralize the attention given to more visible areas of the city and create a new interest in the many unique neighbourhoods which make this a fascinating metropolis , by bringing to the forefront the relevance of the spaces and its immaterial heritage. “In each neighbourhood, a city.” ‐ will be the mission statement of the 4th edition of LisbonWeek as a reference to a re‐discovery of a city that will last no less than ten days.

From Lisbon Week’s website


Check out the venues here

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