How to find the best of Lisbon. An update to our hotel guests

Skyscanner shows you where you find the best of Lisbon (shhh this is also where you find our hotel)

We get hundreds of news updates about Lisbon everyday. The best and most relevant stories we share with friends, guests and followers here on Tings Lisbon’s blog. Mostly stories about things that interest us personally or things that are relevant to our hotel or Graça.

Like this one where Skyscanner tells you where to find the best of Lisbon. The funny thing here are the photos – most of them are either taken from Graça where our hotel is OR the motif. Still the story doesn’t mention Graca with one word LOL 🙂



Graca Miradouro

The newly renovated Graca Miradouro where Skyscanner has taken some of their photos. Once the elevator to the top is finished and The Six Senses Resort opens in the old convent next door this viewpoint will be the most popular in town . Trust us.


Head for the hills to find the best of Lisbon

Skyscanner LOGOAfter arriving in Lisbon and exploring the city just for a few hours, I ask myself what took me so long to make my way here? It may not be as sexy as Barcelona, but that’s what the locals prefer. Lisbon is a hidden gem and its true beauty is found in the hills.

Just like Rome, Lisbon was built on land that consists of seven hills. The Romans are long gone, but you can find some ruins from their time here scattered throughout the city. The unique topography gives the city some incredible vantage points, which is why many people head for the hills as soon as they arrive.

Read the story here


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