News from our hotel: The best street artist in Lisbon at BoCA

Art Chef Mutaro Balde VS VHILS in Bibos five-course dinner 4


Lisbon is a fantastic Street Art City. Our hotel is surrounded by Street Art. Now you have a chance to meet the best local street artist: VHILS

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Like this one from CCB about their VHILS event on 7 & 8 April – part of the BoCA program. Recommended


Alexandre Farto | VHILS | Stage Creation 2017

BoCA – Biennal of Contemporary Arts


boca-logoAlexandre Farto / VHILS is associated with urban art, being one of the youngest Portuguese artists with a greater international projection in the field of the plastic arts. At the CCB, and in the context of the BoCA Biennial of Contemporary Arts, the world premiere of his first stage show, an innovation in his career that, until then, focused on sculptural interventions in large buildings.

In this show, Vhils aims to establish a dialogue between the universes of street culture and stage culture, the marginal means and institutional means of creation, global culture and local culture. To this end, it will promote synergies between the areas of music (contemporary, modern and popular), performance, dance (classical, contemporary and street), visual arts (including video and stage lighting) and architecture.

Vhils will count on the participation of artists from different territories, proposing a dialogue between, for example, classical and breakdance dancers or between elements of a symphony orchestra and percussion musicians, wrapped in a staging and visual dramaturgy that gives continuity to the work By Alexandre Farto, here for the first time on stage.

via CCB – Belém Cultural Center Foundation

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