Hotel Update: BeckyB blogs about the best sight in Lisbon

Lisbon’s best areas according to Rough Guide (a media update to friends of our hotel)

We get hundreds of news updates about Lisbon everyday. The best and most relevant stories we share with our hotel guests, friends and followers here on Tings Lisbon’s blog. Mostly stories about things that interest us personally or things that are relevant to our hotel or Graça.

Like BeckyB’s blog post about our favorite sight in Lisbon: The Aquaduct.




Very few tourists visit this national monument despite it being as remarkable as the monastery and tower.

Read BeckyB’s: Walking across the ‘tallest’ stone arch in the world on her I Caught my eye in Portugal blog.


It’s a big mystery that this amazing sight gets so little attention

Until we walked the Lisbon Aquaduct the Pont d’Arc in Ardèche in France was our favorite Roman construction.

It’s not even listed on the many best-of-Lisbon-view-point list you find in guide books and travel sites etc.


Food - Mercado De Campo Ourique

Combine your visit to the Lisbon Aquaduct with a lunch at Mercado Campo D’Ourique

For guests who stays in Graca (where Tings Lisbon is) it has a super advantage.

Instead of going to the crowded Time Out market at Cais do Sodre you can combine the Aquaduct with lunch at the original, authentic and less touristic Mercado Campo D’Ourique (highly recommended) and take the tram #28 either to of from your lunch 🙂 A fantastic way to spend 4 hours.

Read more about this trip on our blog post: Aquaduct, Lunch at Campo D’Orique and Tram #28 in 4 hrs


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