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The best shop for Portuguese specialities is not in Lisbon. It’s in the US (a media update for our hotel guests, friends & followers

We get hundreds of news updates about Lisbon everyday. The best and most relevant stories we share with friends, guests and followers here on Tings Lisbon’s blog. Mostly stories about things that interest us personally or things that are relevant to our hotel or Graça.

Like the story about Portugeuse Specialities from The Herald News from Saturday.



How do you taste all Portugal’s fantastic specialities when restaurants are not allowed to serve them. The flake salt and super home grown olive oil we got in this restaurant is illegal to serve (fortunbately the restaurant don’t care about the rules)


The Herald NewsYou never know what you’re going to find when you walk into Portugalia Marketplace.

A few months ago, an artist from Portugal spent a week sculpting a nativity scene out of packing foam. And now, the table at the front of the store where the baby Jesus lay in a manger for the Christmas season is host to a line of organic jams and related products from Portugal.

Read The Herald News: Portugalia Marketplace adds line of organic jams


Makro Hams.jpg

The Ham selection in Makro. But how do you find out which Ham is the best? The few restaurants in town that have a selection of hams don’t know what they serve. LOL


The Portugal is heaven for foodie travellers like us.


Portugalia Marketplace is the kind of shop we would love to have here in Lisbon. You can order their Portuguese specialities from their online shop.

The country has the best olive oil in the world. For salt lovers it doesn’t get much better than the salt you get here. Same goes with the hams, sausages etc. and similar products. The only problem is that it’s really difficult to find shops that sell them.

We’re not talking about the tourists shops down town but daily household shops and supermarkets where people who lives here do their daily shopping. The only supermarket where you find a selection of local quality products is El Corto Ingles (Similar to Harrods in UK and KDV in Germany) – and who can afford these outlets?

But don’t panic.

In our media update yesterday The Herald News had a feature about Organic Jams from Portugalia Marketplace. 

First we thought it was a new speciality shop in Lisbon. So our disappointment was big when we realized that the shop is in Massachusetts, US and that it also has a diner where people can taste the products and choose the favorites they want to buy. Another thing we miss here in Lisbon. In the few restaurants that do have a selection you can choose from the waiters usually have no clue about what’s on the plates they serve which leaves us guests with a plate of delicious hams you can’t identify… LOL


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