Hear the 500 best tracks ever in our hotel in Lisbon


The soundtrack to our hotel in Kathmandu (and soon in Lisbon) consists of 500 of the best tracks ever.

imageedit_52_5648949600We don’t believe in genres, periods or bpm. We only believe in good songs and compositions, with attitude and well produced.

Tings Tracks is a compilation of new and old tracks from all over the world. Tracks with a twist, remixes, mashups, sets, outtakes, bootlegs, live versions, cover versions, demo tracks etc.

We don’t care as long as it’s not the originals Thomas has collected since since his he bought his first 3 vinyls in 1974: Jimi Hendrix: Electric Lady Land, Black Sabbath I & Kim Larsen: Værsgo’


Tings tracks was started up in April 2014 while travelling in Thailand.

The list is far from the one we started up. The list is organic. But it will only have 500 tracks – We rework it every day. While working at Tings Lisbon or Tings Kathmandu. Or while traveling. From hotels, airports, cafes, sights and all other places that inspire us.

Hope you like it – on your mobile device while traveling or at Tings Kathmandu or Tings Lisbon when it opens in May 2017.

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