Our hotel in Lisbon won’t serve local food. But Graca has the best

You can’t get Portuguese food at Tings Lisbon. But our hotel is surrounded by the best local tascas & restaurants

We get hundreds of news updates about Lisbon everyday. The best and most relevant stories we share with friends, guests and followers here on Tings Lisbon’s blog. Mostly stories about things that interest us personally or things that are relevant to our hotel or Graça.

Like this one from The Portugal Wire that just blogged about the best local dishes.


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Remember – never eat sardines outside the season and if possible only the ones from Costa Caparica.

1287557“Have you had a Portuguese tart yet?” asked a girl in my dorm room the first time I visited Portugal.

I admitted I hadn’t and she looked at me with utter disappointment, despite the fact I’d only been in the country for 30 minutes. That afternoon, two more people asked the same question – obviously these things were a talking point. Needless to say, I hotfooted down to a local café to try one. Little did I know it would start a self-indulgent habit of pastel de nataconsumption after I decided to plant myself in the land of the custard tart (or ‘cream pastry’, if you want to get technical on the translation) less than a year later.

I recently wrote about the pastel de nata in a story for Good Food Australia, along with 10 other things to eat and drink in Portugal including Francesinha (a mega artery-clogging sandwich), Queijo Serra da Estrela (sheep milk cheese), Vinho do Porto (port), vinho verde (green wine), Cozido das Furnas (volcano-cooked stew), ovos moles (egg and sugar sweets), ginja (cherry liqueur), caldeirada do peixe (fish stew) and bacalhau (dried codfish).

Given this recent article, I thought I’d take the opportunity to elaborate further on Portugal’s food with a blog post on the subject. So here’s a rundown of some other food and drink to try in Portugal. I’ve also added a few points about Portuguese food culture at the end.

Read Emily McAuliffe’s “Traditional Portuguese food: what to eat and drink in Portugal on her blog” The Portugal Wire  – Lot’s of good stuff there 🙂

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