Tings is not the best hotel in Lisbon. Our location is

Lisbon Municipality shows the world that our hotel is in one of the best & most beautiful parts town 🙂

And after the renovation it has become even more beautiful. Have look at the video Câmara Municipal de Lisboa published last week.

Graca featured in Portuguese weekly Evasões

Weekly Magazine Evasões has used the newly renovation project of Graca to run a feature about the part of Lisbon where ageless citizens mingles with tourists, students, artist arts and bohemians – our hood 😉

Graca Street.jpg

Rua da Graça

Evasoes LOGOFrom the 1950s Graca became a cultural center with cinemas, theaters and cultural associations, frequented by intellectuals such as Natalia Correia, Luís de Sttau Monteiro and Sophia de Mello Breyner.

Today it congregates the spirit of all times, bringing together people, artists and tourists in an unusual harmony.

Read the feature: Grace has changed. Stroll along the renovated wide street

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