Tings Jazz Tracks: Best Hotel Jazz @ Tings Lisbon

Tings Jazz Tracks are the best and jazziest picks from Thomas huge selection – tailor-made for our hotel lounge in Kathmandu (and soon in Lisbon)

imageedit_9_5822422202Usually we don’t believe in genres, periods or bpm. But jazz is a bit different – it has so many sub genres, references, harmonies & grooves within its own universe that it sometimes makes sense to stay jazzed…

But Tings Jazz Tracks follows the same principles like our other playlists – we are not afraid of crossing sub genres, breaking beats, interpreting, covering or in any other way shake up things – as long as it’s in the jazz universe.

We HATE the elevator jazz we always hear in hotels… the originals are always better than that s***.  The original – vintage – masters are always better for mornings than the Nouvelle Vagu’ed contemporary pop tracks some people incorrectly take for jazz.

The >100 tracks on Tings Jazz Tracks is way below the tracks we want on the list. But it’s onle 18 months old and still work in progress. And right now we’re super busy starting up Tings Lisbon.




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