MAAT is the best art venue in Lisbon. Take tram 15 from our hotel

The best walk in Lisbon on a sunny day is from our hotel to MAAT along the river

In our opinion Amanda Levete’s MAAT is one of the most interesting sights in Europe right now. Its more impressing and beautiful than Bjarke Ingles’ The Serpentine Pavilion, in London.

So if you are on the way to Lisbon the best way to explore the city to walk from our hotel in Graca all the way to MAAT Alcantara and check out all the sights from your guide book along the way?

If you are in town right now – why not combine it with the current exhibition: ORDEM E PROGRESSO by Héctor Zamora that is part of BoCA’s program (Biennale of Contemporary Art).

Yesterday Architect’s Newspaper featured MAAT and its current BoCA exhibition. According to them Amanda Levete’s building  has potential to become one of the most exiting art venues in the world. Something we predicted the day we saw the first drawings 🙂


Portugal’s MAAT could become the world’s most exciting venue for art and architecture


Architects Newspaper logo.pngAmanda Levette has delivered a potentially valuable new focus and hub for the Portuguese capital but it remains for the MAAT director Pedro Gandhao and his curatorial staff to realize the spatial and performative qualities of the museum.

They have the opportunity to make this one the most exciting venues in the world that programs architecture and technology alongside art.

By William Menking, Editor-in-Chief of The Architect’s Newspaper.

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