Vivienne McKee about Hygge at Tings Lisbon’s sister hotel.

Welcome to Vivienne McKee – our first guest blogger 🙂

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The other day I went to the airport to pick up a friend. As always, I went to the book shop to kill time until she had picked up her luggage.

To my big surprise two of the top sellers were about hygge the Danish phenomenon that is impossible to explain, and now is rolling over Europe.

When our friend arrived, I told her that hygge has now reached Portugal and that I didn’t get it at all – that Danish Pastry, Woolen Slippers and candle light her reaction was: Hygge is so much more – your flat is extremely Hyggelig.

A few days later one of our Portuguese friends visited us for the first time: Wow – I really like your place…

If we haven’t been so tied up working with Tings and instead been out in the world I’m sure we would have seen it coming. Now it’s a big mystery to us to see something that we don’t even have an English word for, selling all over Europe.

Fortunately, we know a specialist in Hygge: Vivienne McKee who is not only a very good friend, and guest at Tings Kathmandu, she is also going to be our first Guest blogger. Hopefully she will enlighten us – and explain why we don’t consider ourselves as the Danes she makes a bit fun off in her one-woman-shows.


Danish Hygge in Himalaya

Vivienne McKee - Killing The Danes

Tings Lounge Hotel Kathmandu is an oasis of Hygge surrounded by the bustling chaos of Nepals’ capital city.

If you are confused by the term “Hygge “ that is not surprising.

It is a Danish word which perfectly describes the ambience which the Danish owners, Thomas and Annette, have created at their 5 star-rated, laid-back Lounge Hotel.

“Hygge” is usually translated into English as “cosiness“ but it is so much more than that. It is also conviviality and camaraderie and, at least in Denmark, it often includes another famous “c” – Carlsberg!

Thomas and Annette have succeeded in bringing the essence of Hygge to Kathmandu by providing all the elements so necessary for its success. Once through the gateway, and into the hotel’s garden, the guest breathes in the atmosphere which is tranquil and intimate. Trees and plants separate the many intimate spaces where guests can meet and greet each other. For the solo traveller, it’s impossible to feel lonely at Tings.

In Scandinavia, it is dark for many months of the year so candles are used to provide, not just a light source, but a source of cosiness. Likewise at Tings Kathmandu, when darkness falls, candles flicker on the low tables and the hotel guests are drawn to the candle-lit areas like many moths to small flames and the murmur of conversation and laughter fill the air.

Vivienne McKee in front of Hamlet's hood blogs about hygge

Conviviality is the key word for Tings which is a haven for travellers and tourists who can swap their stories and travel tips and for aid workers who can share the ups and downs of their day with colleagues over a cold beer or two.  All this companionship is fuelled with delicious food and local beverages thus completing the HYGGE which is so much the very heart of Tings.

Soon you will not have to travel so far to enjoy the unforgettable experience of a stay at Tings because the much anticipated opening of Tings Lounge Hotel in Europe is just around the corner. Thomas and Annette have chosen Lisbon as their city of choice for their second Lounge Hotel and promise that it may even surpass the hospitality and Hygge offered in Kathmandu.

Personally I can’t wait to experience the 3 c’s of camaraderie, conviviality and cosiness in the Portuguese style!

They will offer local food and wine and cultural events , and if that isn’t enough, the hotel will have the best view of lovely Lisbon from “Tings Hygge Terrace”

Vivienne McK Dont mention Hemingway.jpg

Vivienne McKee, Denmark’s best-known English entertainer, is this country’s most beloved foreign import.

Over the last 34 years, hundreds of thousands of Copenhageners have enjoyed her annual Crazy Christmas Cabaret show at Tivoli, marvelling at her unique, wry Anglo wit and charm.

Vivienne lives in London and Copenhagen and has a passion for travelling and experiencing different cultures and meeting people from all over the world.

As she says: Life is not a rehearsal – it’s a one-off continuous show – so go for it!

Read about Vinienne McKee’s and London Toast Theater’s amazing history.


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