The best CoWorking space in Lisbon 15 min walk from our hotel

Second Home is the best co-working space in Lisbon. It could have been perfect while working on our hotel project

Our opinions a feelings about co-working spaces are so, so.

We understand why you need to a place to work from. You need the most basic facilities, you need substitutes to colleagues and lesser disciplined start-uppers need somewhere to go to get their work done. We also know the need of sharing and getting the information & experience you get from fellow star-uppers in the same situation as yourself.

You surely get all this in a co-working space.

But to us – starting up a travelers HUB – we felt it was more important to find a place to work from in our neighbourhood surrounded by the travelers we want to attract, the locals we need to get involved with (potential staff & customers), the local butcher, grocery, Tasca, bank, Sports Club etc.

Cafe do Monte - the best Covorking soace in Lisbon

We decided to work right in the middle of our future guests, supplyers, neighbours, contacts, friends and staff at Cafe do Monte. The best cafe in Lisbon and one of the reasons why we decided to start up in Graca, Lisbon

So the day we decided to start up in Graca we chose Cafe do Monte as our ‘co-working space’. And that place has been our base for more than two years. Its ftrom here we got our house, its from here we got hold of our coffeman Nelson from Nicola, our cheese provider and Beer guy. Its from here we get the word out if we need something or someone to help us with something and its here we follow the travellers behaviour – useful informations and contacts we wouldn’t get if we worked from a co-working space.

But of course we don’t get the insights you get from other entretpreneurs or the circles you get access to through co-working spaces. Sometimes we feel we miss that.

That happened when we read about Second Homes Green Co-Working Space in Lisbon.


Second Home’s new co-working space in Lisbon is Europe’s greenest.

With 1,000 plants and areas dedicated to culture and leisure, the co-working space Second Home, in Lisbon, blurs the line between private and working life.


Second Home LOGO.pngWallpaper* MagazineWallpaper’s Best City for 2017, Lisbon is a gift that keeps on giving. Celebrations for Amanda Levete’s MAAT museum have barely cooled off, yet the city has already launched another cultural destination to send tongues wagging: Second Home.

The co-working concept already existed in East London before this new incarnation was opened in a refurbished market hall. But like our W* Design Award judges, founders Sam Aldenton and Rohan Silva obviously saw huge potential in the coastal capital’s disused spaces. ‘I was standing right behind this building one late night with a drink in my hand on the street and thought, “You can’t do this in London anymore,”’ says Silva from the brightly hued space on the first floor of Mercado da Ribeira.

They brought in long-time collaborators SelgasCano to modernise the interior while maintaining the building’s original 19th-century architectural features. Architects José Selgas and Lucía Cano, responsible for Second Home’s workspace in London Spitalfieds and its bookshop Libreria, which opened in London last year, commuted from their Madrid studio, only a hop, skip and six-hour drive away.

Sujata Burman on Medium: SelgasCano’s Portuguese urban jungle – Inside Second Home’s new Lisbon outpost

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