New sounds from one of the best record lable in the world Principe from Lisbon

Some of the best music in Portugal comes from Lisbon.

And NO – it is not Fado (which we love a lot!).

Its the Ghetto Sound of Lisbon fronted by DJ Marfox & DJ Nigga FOX and generously promoted by Principe Discos.

We love the way the afro beats from Portugals colonial past blend with the Electronica/EDM from the West and promote the genre whenever we have have a chance since our first days in our new life here in Lisbon. If you are curious you will find several  posts and links to music and stories on this blog. Or even better – check out the live scene if you are near by. Damas to minutes from our hotel is a good venue.

Yesterday FACT tweeted these great news.


New sounds from the vital Portuguese imprint.

FACT logoLisbon’s Príncipe Discos has been dishing out must-hear releases for the past few years, including one of our favorite albums of 2016, DJ Marfox’s Chapa Quente.

Out June 16, Príncipe’s next release collects tracks from members of Lisbon’s Firma Do Txiga crew, K30, DJ NinOo and Puto Anderson, who contributed to the label’s Mambos Levis D’Outro Mundo compilation last year.

The three-disc box set consists of a 7″ from each member, comprising eight tracks that will also get a digital release. Artwork comes from the label’s long-time collaborator Márcio Matos once again.

Check out a preview of the release below and revisit DJ Marfox’s FACT mix from 2015.

More info and music on FACT

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