Super Lisbon guide by the best Lisbon connoisseur we know

It was Javier Martin who introduced us to Marvila in oneof the best parts of Lisbon.

It was back in 2015 when he had a super introduction to Marvila – the best ‘unknown’ part of Lisbon – in El Pais.

So my expectations were High when I saw my media updates 30 unique experiences in Lisbon Views, followed the link to El Pais and saw the name of the journalist: Javier Martin..

He didn’t disappoint me 🙂



Marvila El Pais

For some reasons Marvila isn’t one of Javier Martim’s 30 unique experiences – he only mention this part of tovn briefly. We love the place – so if you are curious we blogged about it when El Pais featured it back in 2015.


30 unique experiences in Lisbon

El Pais LOGOBefore Christ, Lisbon was already here – hence they have not moved its hills and its river and here cobbled streets are still here.

So why the world has taken 3,000 years to discover Lisbon?

The rosy youngsters and the mature Chinese photographing the calcada workers on their knees in the middle of the mayhem at Cais do Sodré in the tourist center of Lisbon. These workers don’t know the answer. Unaware of the tourist’s interest, the workers follow their own pace, with their hammer, fitting the stones  with infinite patience…

This is how Javier Martin starts his super guidance to his 30 Unique experiences in Lisbon. Read it in El Pais

The headline says 30 unique experiences – if you take Javier’s 10 Attractions that did not exist 10 years ago and add his 10 authentic eateries it only adds up to 20. But mayde his intro that takes the reader through Estrella, Alcantara, Belem, São Bento and other fantastic and – some of them – less touristuc parts of Lisbon makes it up for the other 10 experiences…

No matter what – Javier Martim’s 30 experiencias únicas en Lisboa in yesterday’s El Pais is definitely worth reading.

Also to all of us living here.

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