Time – a P/DK/BR project about climate change


The connections between oil & weapon industry, politics and climate change are not easy topics…

Every morning for the last 2 weeks (at least) we have woken up to the sad news about the negative impact from the Climate Change. This morning it was even more depressing – the situation in the Arctic is really scarry. The whole climate issue has changed from a problem that wont happen in our life time – to something that already has huge impact in a lot of countries.  It’s suddenly for real…

The subject is difficult to deal with – there are so many climate related problems and issues to take into consideration that its hard to know whats right and whats wrong. All the fake news and suppressed facts that spread faster than the truth don’t make things easier.

It’s in a situation like this we need artists and creatives to use their skills and gifts to get the message out in an emotional way.

Like the TIME project that clicked in my in-box yesterday: A music animation video project about the connections between oil, war and climate change

TIME is a Portuguese/Danish/Brazilian collaboration by Musician Jens Lysdal (DK), illustrator Sonia Nisa (P) and animator Peter Lopes (BR).

The track is amazing – check the un-mastered demo here. So are Sofia Nisa’s illustration and Peter Lopes’ animations.

Artists are privileged – opposite the rest of us they don’t need knowledge and hard facts to express their views. Feelings and emotions are OK.

Like Jens Lysdal’s last words before the song slowly fades away…

Take me out of here, far away from fear…



We love Sonia Nisa’s illustrations and would love to show some of her works when we open.


kflt7selva3p3daembnrThe connections between oil/weapon-industry, politics and climate change are not among the lightest topics – but it’s an important one.

We need to understand these life-threatening issues with both our brains, hearts and souls, because our future depends on our imminent and determined reaction to them. This animation-video is trying to spread that message.

Thanks a lot for helping
Jens Lysdal on Indiegogo


TIME needs a helping hand.

TIME is a small and sympathetic project about the climate change.

And you can help – either by drinking one pint of beer less this weekend and instead donate the money on Indiegogo. Or by spreading the word. Or both.

It probably won’t change the situation. But whats to lose.

Little strokes fell great oaks


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