FT Luxury summit opens in Lisbon!

FT Luxury Summit returns to Europe – Lisbon 🙂


Jo Ellison looks forward to the FT Business of Luxury Summit


FT Business of Luxury Summit 2017 to appraise luxury via craftsmanship lens

ldFinancial Times is taking its annual FT Business of Luxury Summit back to Europe to explore the material world of craftsmanship, manufacture and the new markets.

The British news outlet returns to European soil, after last year’s event in San Francisco, while the continent is at an inflexion point of political, economic and social change. As the birthplace of the majority of luxury houses, Europe’s challenging climate will have a ripple effect not only on consumers, but on the brand’s themselves and their overall positioning.

“The summit, as ever, is an opportunity for delegates to meet with and listen to some of the most senior and successful figures in the luxury industry discuss strategy,” said Jo Ellison, fashion editor of the Financial Times and co-chair of FT’s Business of Luxury Summit, London.

“We’re currently in a period of tremendous change, with each brand navigating their own path through the current landscape,” she said. “Each brand, similarly, has a specific and unique focus – some are looking at digital strategy, many are looking at their distribution networks and delivery methods, and all are rethinking the way in which they bring their products to market.

“It’s a fascinating time. I think there are invaluable lessons to be learnt both from the top – and from the newer, nimbler disruptors who will be be speaking in Lisbon.”

By Jen King, Luxury Daily 1 May

To all of us living surrounded by Lisbon’s beauty its not a big surprise to read that Financial Times is moving its Luxury Summit to Lisbon – the city’s historical settings combined with the natural beauty from the River Tejo and the Sintra mountains is a luxury on its own.

Some may say argue about choosing one on Europe’s poorest economies to flash luxury – but hopefully it generates local business. Portugal needs it

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