We’re ready for bookings

We keep getting requests for hotel rooms at Tings Lisbon

We keep getting mails, calls and direct messages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So even though the hotel is not quite finished yet – we have decided to open for bookings for August and on-wards – (family, friends & regular Tings guests are invited for July)

Our fantastic team at Quinta da Graça is renovating the 2nd hand furniture Annette bought online into priceless classic Portuguese design, and making Annette’s own design from the best wood available. We had never ever dreamed of buying a whole tree – but we have LOL


We still can’t show pictures of our rooms

Quinta da Graca - white bed (2)

Marta turns a classic Portuguese Bed to a piece of art.

Like our guests – all our rooms are different.

Annette mixes her own designs with Portuguese classics that she has given a ‘twist’, with modern furniture she has reworked with either fabric she has bought from different places around the world, or painted or both.

All rooms will be decorated with colors, cushions, covers & lamps. All carefully handpicked by her.

Everything is ‘glued’ together with our own original art bought from or given to us from all our fantastic art friends, sculptures & handicraft items bought from our travels around the world and finally ‘pimped up’ with flowers, books & magazines and love.

Martha and Annette discuss a nwe bed.jpg

Annette briefs Marta on her new bed.

Old, new, local and international – all is scattered around Portugal getting finished. At factories, workshops and carpenters, or stored away in the shops where they are bought. Or on the way from Nepal and Denmark.


July will be a ‘soft opening’ month where friends, family and Tings Kathmandu regulars will be checking out the hotel.

August will be our first ‘real’ month for everybody. Still our prices will reflect the process – we will charge ‘start’ prices only although it’s high season.

But it will be great fun 🙂

In a few weeks we will start moving everything to the house and start finishing Annette’s interior design plans.

We have posted the mood boards which give a good idea about the looks and ambiance of each room. If you are curious – you can check them out here.

If you want to stay in one of our brand new rooms you can book here.

Line Antoft - our first guest at Tings - with Dorje

Dorje & Line yesterday at Tings Kathmandu

Being one of our first guests won’t be boring.

Our old friend, Rock Chef and fellow traveller Chili John Rasmussen has followed our projects since we left Copenhagen. Months before we opened Tings Kathmandu he recommended one of his friends Line to visit us in Kathmandu.

In February 2011, while we were finishing construction, she and her boyfriend Martin moved in at Tings for the first time.

Line & Martin are our first guests at Tings Kathmandu 🙂

Right now Line is staying with us for the 4th time.


We can’t wait to see you,

Annette & Thomas


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