The best party in Lisbon: AfroBaile at ZDB on Friday!


DJ’s Celeste & Mariposa at one of their fantastic shows at Damas

Put on your dancing shoes and join the best party in town!

Cheikh Lo Ouza Diallo Kora St Germain
Cheikh Lo Ouza Diallo with his Kora on St. Germain’s ’15 release

If you think psychedelic music comes from the American West coast in the 70s your wrong. It comes from Africa where it started at least three centuries before Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, 13th Floor Elevator and the rest of the psychedelic acts interpreted the genre the people of Guinea-Bissau had used their used Kora sounds & solos (Western Africa instrument between the harp and the guitar) for their hallucinating grooves and beats.

The Djumbai Djazz is the dancing avantgarde of this traditional urban-psychedelia of West Africa.

On Friday they perform at Ze Dos Bois: one of our favorite venues in Bairro Alto.

The party continue after their concert when DJ’s Celeste/Mariposa takes over and share their dance-irresistable Afro beats and grooves. Their sets at Damas have been some of the best music events in our 3 years here in Lisbon!

More information on Ze Dos Bois website

Highly recommended!


Djumbai Djazz on Mixcloud

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