Smoking Bay Leaves should be illegal!

Important! Like at Tings Kathmandu Tings Lisbon isn’t a smoking place!


Maybe this is the most stupid campaign I’v seen in Lisbon. Are the police promoting Marijuana to Bay Leaves? Or do they just want to highlight the principles in Portugal’s Drug Law? We don’t know – BUT It should be illegal to be so stupid that you buy and smoke bay lives!!! 


One of the things that strikes all our friends arriving to Lisbon for the first time is the smell of hash we have everywhere…

And not only that – the first thing that happens to them when they walk around down-town are guys offering marijuana and cocaine.

Being a smoker myself for more than 40 years and after having lived at the ‘source’ in Nepal since 2009 I believe my knowledge about the substance is good enough to claim this: Never buy hash from these guys – it’s not even worth eating!

And of course – no matter where you are stay away from coke!



It’s perfectly legal to smoke hash in Lisbon!

And unless you are carrying amounts that can be defined as a ‘trafficking’ it’s also OK to posses it!

As we blogged a few years ago: Don’t get frightened by the drug dealers.  They are usually sourrounded by Police guys that don’t care. And unless you want to make a complete fool of yourself – don’t buy their bay leaves. 🙂

If you can’t live without it consult Marijuana Travels who updates about places to buy






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