And the winner of the best song is: Salvador Sobral from Lisbon

After Websummit in 2016, and The Pope visit in 2017, Lisbon now gets one moreĀ big event: Eurovision 2018


Saturday evening we were in Sevilla having a fantastic tapas dinner far from the Eurovision Hysteria we later found out was happening at the same time. So we didn’t understand aĀ word of the messages that clicked in on our phones, especially Ā this one:Ā He isĀ so cute. Can you arrange a date with him –Ā from our friend Michael.

EurovisionĀ hasn’t been part of our life for ages. So we asked Clara to blog about it.

Amar Pelos DoisĀ is not only a super track. It’s a fantastic eventĀ to get forĀ Lisbon in 2018 šŸ™‚



This year’s Portuguese entry was called Amar Pelos DoisĀ (which means Love for Both) and was taken to Kiev byĀ Salvador Sobral

Portugal has been participating in the contest since 1964 and until this day no Portuguese singer had ever taken the trophy home.

So as you can imagine, this was quite a big deal here.

A song that triumphed for its simplicity and emotionĀ Amar pelos dois was written by Salvador’s sister, LuĆ­sa Sobral, who is also a singer.

The whole world has seen Salvador Sobral performing at Eurovision in Kiev Saturday. So here is his solo performance of Amar Pelos Dois from Spanish TV

A lot of us Portuguese didn’t believe it to stand a chance, when the song was selected to represent Portugal. It was “too calm”, “too simple” and maybe too heavy with “saudade”.

But it turns out that the less is moreĀ mantra worked its magic, as Salvador managed to dazzle the entire Europe with his emotional ballad (even those who didn’t understand the lyrics!). The Guardian said thatĀ the performance… reminds us that Portuguese is quite possibly the loveliest language in which to sing soft, good, songs.

They might be just right šŸ™‚

Not only did Portugal win, but we also beat the general score record with a total of 758 points.

Salvador Sobral Ā himself was surprised to win

Salvador Sobra arriving at the airport

2,000 fans welcomed Salvador Sobral when he arrivedĀ in Lisbon

Salvador himself admitted that he had never watched Eurovision, nor did he feel like he could relate to the festival. During the FestivalĀ he kept a very relaxed attitude, making several critical observations about the way Eurovision is nowadays.

He also announced that the organization had asked him not to address political matters like the need to help refugees (something that he had done previously in a press conference).

After winning, he underlined the need for a change in the musical world, saying that “Music is not fireworks, music is feeling”.

More than 2.000 people waited for him at the airport, surprising him with an unexpected welcome as he awkwardly admitted, he didn’t know how to deal with it.

So, the winner is someone who’s music and attitude vary from what is usual in this festival. This certainly indicates interesting times for Eurovision fans, right?

The good news is next year’s Eurovision that will take place in Portugal. So Eurovision fans betterĀ start planning theirĀ trip now to get the best hotels in Lisbon.



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