Graça has super events. On Friday it’s Iranian food night at A Li

On the 26th, the restaurant A Li is hosting an Iranian dinner with the chef Pooneh Niakian

There is a whole world inside Graça.

You have amazing cafés in almost every street with super tasty food, great environment, beautiful decor and the nicest service.

But what you can also find in most of them is a very dynamic event selection.

This Friday our friend A Li has a special menu that will bring a bit of Iran to Graça. The idea is that you can sit around the table with 20 other people and share food, stories and traditions.

It’s a great opportunity to share experiences while eating great food.

Don’t miss it!


A Li’s Iranian Night

A Li next to Hangar (3)

Time:  Friday 26 May 7:30 pm

Menu: Check out Pooneh’s Iranian menu here.

The price is 25€ with everything included.

Reservation: Send an e-mail to to make sure you have a place on the table 🙂








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