In case you don’t know why Lisbon is the best travel destination

We lover travellers & and we love travellers that blogs.

We love travelers and their blogs. Of course the sights and adventures your read about tends to be the same. But most blogs gets a more personal and sometimes spontaneous description of a destination and/or experience.

And more important – you can always get back to the author for comments and/or answers to your questions.

Yesterday we found his blog through Instagram: Hi, I’m Tom, I work full-time on an average wage with a burning desire for travel & adventure as he introduces himself – that’s exactly whats life is about in our opinion.

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Why Lisbon Is so popular.jpg

One of Tom’s photos from his travel to Lisbon – the lively walking streets Down Town sin only 10 minutes from Graca.


Lisbon – Why visit the Instafamous capital of Portugal?

TomLisbon is increasingly named by so many as the place to visit in Europe right now but why visit Lisbon?

There is no doubt about it Lisbon is a vibrant city, a city as you wander the streets your eyes seem to dart from one sight to the next. Head over to Instagram and there seems to be a deluge of photographs taken in Lisbon at the moment…making it Instafamous! Full of colour, cool architecture, and great views it’s no wonder why.

The sunshine and blue skies makes for a perfect backdrop to the sights and sounds of one of the oldest countries in Europe, a place which has had such an important historical influence on the entire world! Portuguese is the sixth most spoken first language in the world! It is also massively accessible for travellers, flights from the UK to Portugal are amongst the most affordable to anywhere in Europe, there is a huge selection of accommodation on offer covering all budgets and Lisbon has been named as the most affordable capital in western Europe…but digging a little deeper throws up more and more reasons to visit Lisbon…

Read Tom’s encounter with our lovely city on this blog My Travel Mission

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