The best Street Art Festival is back in Lisbon this weekend!

Today the MURO Festival kicks off  in Marvila

Last year Thomas blogged about the Lisbon Street Art scene – he loves it – still he thinks that the scene in Lisbon is becoming too much art and very little street.

It does seem that now many companies and public institutions have realized its potential and thus are financing big street art projects. Can a movement that emerged from the desire to conquer the streets loose value if it’s legal?

Personally, I think there is enough space for the legal and the illegal street art to coexist, each with different purposes.

This weekend you have an occasion to judge for yourself when MURO kicks off and brand new art pieces come to life on Lisbon’s walls.

What do you think?


43.000 ft2 whit 15 artists from 7 countries, guided tours, concerts, open debates, exhibits and street animation.

This year, Portugal is the Iberian-American Capital of Culture, so for the second edition of the Festival, they decided to bring together people from Brazil, Equador, Colombia, Mexico, Spain and Venezuela. Along with Portuguese artists, they will fill the neighborhood with talent and spray cans.


Hazul is now going legal by creating a new wall for the MURO festival. Read about works in Graca from Thomas’ blog post from August 2016. Picture by José Vicente

The help and the involvement of the local community is welcome and asked for. Kids will be helping the Venezuelan artist Flix. A local drummer from the neighborhood will be playing at a concert with PAUS, one of the most important bands of the current Portuguese musical scene. Workshops will be open to everyone who wants to learn, and movie evenings will take place at the local library.

We also recommend you not to miss the Underdogs Gallery exhibition, as they are the most influential gallery in Lisbon.

You have a lot to choose from 🙂 It’s also a way of getting to know a part of Lisbon which isn’t very touristic. Here’s the full program.

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