Lisbon Has Become One of Europe’s Hottest Art Capitals.

How Did Lisbon become one of Europe’s best art cities?

Of course this had to come.

After all the tourists, all the web people, Start-Up people and all the tax refugees the time has now come to the art crowd.

Yesterday Artnet News asked themselves how and why Lisbon suddenly has become one of Europe’s hottest art capitals. Something we too have noticed – we are surrounded by art here in Graca.

The reasons are obvious – but what we don’t understand is why the local art scene doesn’t want to be compared with Berlin.


bacco artolini 1

Two years Bacco Artolini opened Tings Art at Tings Lisbon. When we open our next exhibition it will be in the brand new settings. Then we can add one more art hub to the list of super places in Graca.


Artnet-News-logoLisbon has all the ingredients to be Europe’s next piping-hot art destination: young galleries are opening there, international dealers are setting up outposts, and dozens of artists are flocking there for its affordable housing and studio rents. ‘

The city, which boasts a refreshing mix of commercial and the non-profit spaces, also has a contemporary art fair, ARCOlisboa, which held its second edition last week.

But is it the “New Berlin,” as many articles have proclaimed in the past few years? A promised land for artists from all over the world, to come, settle, and live a life devoted to making art?

Read Lorena Muñoz-Alonso, on Artnet News from May 25, 2017

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