UK Foodies? 3 Portuguese kitchens in London in The Sunday Times

Brits who can’t make it to Lisbon has several food options in London

This story from today’s The Sunday Times just clicked in on my morning media updates…


Lisbon: Feel the heat

the-sunday-times-logo-1380803661It was when we found ourselves dancing, unexpectedly, cold beers in hand, to a live band that had set up at sunset on the Miradouro de Santa Catarina that I began to fall hard for Lisbon.

A crowd of people, all ages, were twirling and spinning in the warm, fading sunshine, high up on the cobbled viewpoint, looking out over Lisbon’s towers, domes and higgledy-piggledy terracotta roofs and the wide, blue River Tagus.

Read Rebecca Seal’s story in today’s The Sunday Times


The best way to spend a Sunday Morning is along the coast around Lisbon


Room with a view

We do feel the heat… it makes us Sunday lazy here in our small and cozy – and deperately needed – refuge only one hours drive north from Lisbon.

And we love it!

Reading morning news and updates with the most stunning view of cliffs, huge waves and sun is the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning.

I quickly read through the first paragraphs of the story in The Sunday Times on my screen …One more list of Lisbon’s usual suspect sights I thought

Then I saw the category in the top: Food Traveller it said.

After scrolling down I realized that Rebecca Seal’s story wasn’t about tourist sights – but about food.  To be more specific – food suggestions to British citizens who can’t make it to Lisbon for the real kitchens: Portuguese kitchens in London.

If you live in London and are on the way to Lisbon – why not take advantage of the situation and prepare your upcoming travel with a quick food research in one of Rebecca Seal’s picks.

Enjoy your Sunday,



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