Stunning photos of the most beautiful building in Lisbon

Amanda Levete’s fantastic MAAT building keeps getting attention around the world

We have stopped blogging about it. But this one we just have to share – the Joel Filipe’s photos shows details of this architectural piece of art nobody gets a chance to see.




The Textural, Geometric Surfaces of AL_A’s MAAT in Lisbon


Arch Daily LOGOAfter a study of Madrid’s exuberantly geometric architecture, Digital Designer and Creative Director Joel Filipe continues his formal exploration in a series of photos of the MAAT by AL_A that celebrates the delicate impression of its undulating white tile facade against the bright Lisbon sky.

Situated on the Tagus River, architect Amanda Levete creates a reunion between the river and the city with MAAT’s walkable rooftop terrace that draws visitors from the nearby streets of Belem, and with the promenade which steps down to meet the water.

The roof provides a gathering space during the day and a place to screen films at night. The low-lying gentle arch of the building allows for a clever play of shadows and light, along with a nod to rippling water.

Check out the fantastic photos in Arch Daily 4. June. 2017



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